2013 CDD Holiday Poem – As People We Care

December 1, 2013

global christmas

Commercial, neglected disease – Nature indifferent

Mechanisms, molecules, methods persistent

A molecule is a molecule, a sequence, a sequence

A curve is a curve, an equation’s transcendent

Money is indifferent, as it well should be

But as people we care about malaria and TB

And T. brucei, T. cruzi, don’t forget leishmaniasis

Which rolls off the tongue just like schistosomiasis

This doesn’t need to be a zero sum game

A drug that makes money, can help the poor all the same

And science is different, together we learn from everything

Chemistry, Biology, Web-Technologies converging

New tools and ideas grow faster than population growing

Occasional breakthrough, gives 10x more leveraging

Ultimately it’s not our individual gifts that matter

Collective learning, collaborating is what allows us to shatter

The past and the present and future more hopeful

So as 2014 approaches with your eggnog bowlful

Consider a New Year’s resolution less boastful

One more insight, one deeper collaboration

Do it together, do it with CDD

…and do it for others.

Happy Holidays.

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