2017 CDD Holiday Poem

December 6, 2017

The cycle begins, as a New Year comes in
Near impossible project, occasional wins
Though the pressure is heavy,
The process is steady, everyone’s ready
For the unforeseen weather, the outlier unknown
An artifact or breakthrough:  limitation, overthrown!

See it alone, a million variables from home
Share with a colleague don’t hoard what’s now known.

Look together at it all, so research won’t stall
A new beginning, your approach is winning.

Search all the rest, your drug looks the best
The potency is mean, and the Ames test is clean.

Time to start again, this project will end
But the data will last, to build on the past…
We become wiser, with each rising sun
For each newborn daughter, for her great grandson.

– Happy holidays from CDD!