A Call to Participate in a Data Sharing Initiative for Neglected Tropical Disease Drug Discovery

From the desks of Northeastern Professor Michael Pollastri and CDD CEO Barry Bunin:

Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) affect over a billion poor people globally. Since there are relatively limited resources to discover new treatments, it is more critical that the those limited resources work optimally together. Efficient collaboration is the key to saving money, time, and to accelerating the drug discovery process.

Since the Pollastri Group is already using the CDD Vault for private collaborations, we created a separate CDD Vault for selective (secure) sharing with a larger set of Neglected Tropical Disease Researchers. We have made an open call to other NTD labs from around the world to merge their drug discovery data with ours to identify areas of synergy and overlap. The selective sharing and collaborative workflow features in the CDD Vault will allow us to discuss data, project goals, and results. Data will only be shared within the consortium of labs in an opt-in manner (i.e. other data can be kept in other private Vaults). The shared data in this “Collaborative NTD” Vault that is pre-publication, pre-patent data, will remain confidential in this invitation only, password-protected Vault. Thus, from an IP perspective, this does not represent a public disclosure.

In contrast to the standard mechanisms of only sharing the best results in talks and publications, the members who choose to participate will agree to deposit all their NTD data, as close to “real time” as possible, including positive and negative results. In this way, we can all make the most of the limited research resource put towards NTDs, avoid reinventing the wheel, etc.

This is both a social and a scientific experiment. This short video explains:

Improving Collaborations for Neglected Tropical Diseases project from Northeastern Univerisity

How can you help?
• We need research teams to participate! Get in touch for more information about how your team can get involved!
• We need your financial support! We are in the midst of a $25,000 crowdfunding campaign at Microryza. This is an all-or-nothing kind of thing: if we meet our goal, we get all the funds. If we fall short, we get nothing at all. So check the campaign link here.

How will you benefit from participating?

• Plug into a community of NTD drug hunters
• Brainstorm, troubleshoot, and connect you to complementary resources
• Win funding to get your experiments done, plus the complementary access to the NTD data and CDD Vault Software

Collaborative CDD Vault
• Avoid duplication of efforts
• Be part of a new paradigm
• Find opportunities for synergy, collaborations, and grants

To run this social and scientific experimental optimally, please get involved today (money or brains – both are valuable). Take a moment to click on the project below. Like love and karma, the more you give, the more you get!


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