An alternative business model for drug discovery talk at the Partnering for Cures Conference- Nov 7-8, 2011

September 28, 2011

As has become a good tradition, Sean Ekins – CDD’s own Collaborations Director, will present a talk at the Partnering for Cures conference, taking place on November 7-8 at the Grand Hyatt hotel in New York City.

The talk is titled “Collaborative Drug Discovery: An alternative business model for drug discovery.”

Adopting a standard, collaborative framework would lead to more cost-effective drug discovery. Sean will describe a CDD collaboration with Pfizer on developing, validating and deploying open source ADME/Tox models and how these efforts could benefit neglected and orphan disease researchers in the academics and not for profit research sectors. Sean will also summarize tuberculosis research which leverages CDD’s unique software and cheminformatics experience funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, European Commission FP7 funded More Medicines for Tuberculosis project and NIH funded STTR with the Stanford Research Institute International. We have developed computational models that we have used in collaborations to select compounds for testing against TB and these could be used as proof of concept of how models speed up drug discovery and maximize data use and learning.

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