Antibiotic Discovery Webinar: March 22nd

March 2, 2018

Antibiotic Discovery: Penetrating Gram Negative Bacteria

Antibiotics Drug Discovery

Gram negative bacteria present an important medical challenge because their outer membrane protects them from many antibiotics. CDD is hosting an open webinar to discuss the latest scientific progress on understanding and circumventing this phenomenon. Please join us on March 22nd for this engaging discussion hosted by Brad Sherborne (Merck) with Derek Tan (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) and Helen Zgurskaya (University of Oklahoma).

Professor Derek Tan
Chairman, Member, and Tri-Institutional Professor, Chemical Biology Program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Studying the permeability of small molecules across bacterial membranes to build computational models to aid in the discovery of more effective compounds.

Professor Helen Zgurskaya
Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry at University of Oklahoma
Studying transport kinetics in genetically modified gram-negative bacteria strains to sleuth out the contributions with modified porins (influx) vs. efflux.

Brad Sherborne
Director of Computer Aided Drug Design at Merck
Brad has been a champion within big pharma for methods and approaches that help our entire scientific community with harder problems like understanding gram-negative penetration and efflux.

These researchers combine the best of both worlds by applying both modeling and experimental methods to validate their hypotheses. We’ll discuss the experiments possible today, and see how new collaborations are defining important hypotheses to test for future antibiotic candidates.

Please contribute your thoughts, opinions, and questions to the scientific discussion:

Thursday March 22
8:00 (PT), 11:00 (ET), 15:00 (GMT)
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