CDD Q1 Webinar: Biotech Showcase — March 14 2019

Upcoming CDD Webinar...

Biotech Showcase: Comparing Informatics Platforms of 2 Biotech Organizations

March 14th, 2019  •  9:00AM (PDT), 12:00PM (EDT), 16:00 (GMT)

March 14th, 2019
9:00AM (PDT), 12:00PM (EDT), 17:00 (GMT)

Please join the Foghorn Therapeutics collaborative scientific team of David Lahr (Head of Informatics), Joe Marchionna (Research Informatics), and Johannes Voigt (Computational Chemist), together with An2h Discovery CSO Jennifer Johnston, as they reveal cutting-edge informatics workflows with CDD Vault.

They will share how distributed biotechnology researchers best use CDD’s new ELN module, as well as the traditional Activity & Registration, Visualization, and Inventory capabilities.

In addition to standard drug discovery use cases, you will learn about more sophisticated, custom scripts which interface with CDD Vault via the Application Programming Interface (API).    Witness the successful creation of a useful data-mart (as opposed to the more common “data swamp”), with the customized “Fog-Browser”.

CDD Vault plays well with an ecosystem of leading tools, including announced collaborations with the following technology organizations:

Biovia (Accelrys)





InChi Trust




Be sure to join us Thursday, March 14th, 2019 at 9AM PT, noon ET, 17:00 GMT for this sneak peek at the latest CDD Vault functionality (including the world’s fastest saving, most scalable ELN recently launched) from leading drug discovery researchers pushing efficiency boundaries.

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About the Speakers...

Dr. Jennifer Johnstone

Jennifer Johnston

An2H Discovery

Dr. Johnston is CSO of An2H Discovery, a biotech company focused on the modulation of the Ubiquitin Pathway for critical unmet medical needs in Neurology and Oncology.

Prior to starting An2H, Dr. Johnston was the VP of Research and Head of Exploratory Research at Elan Pharmaceuticals, and also led the Parkin Project, a drug discovery program focused on the identification of specific small molecule therapeutics that modulate the activity of Parkin E3 ligase.

Dave Lahr

Dave Lahr

Foghorn Therapeutics

Dave Lahr is Director of Bioinformatics and Informatics at Foghorn Therapeutics, Inc. where he is responsible for bioinformatics enabling new target discovery and validation, as well as general research data management.

Prior to joining Foghorn, Dr. Lahr worked at the Broad Institute as part of the Center for Development of Therapeutics, and then the Connectivity Map within the Cancer Program.

Johannes H Voigt

Johannes H. Voigt

Foghorn Therapeutics

Johannes Voigt is Director of Computational Chemistry at Foghorn Therapeutics, where he is responsible for ligand and structure-based drug design, chemoinformatics, and decision-enabling tools.

Prior to joining Foghorn, Dr. Voigt contributed to drug discovery projects at Schering-Plough/Merck, Gilead, and CHDI. He is co-author of over 50 publications.

Joe Marchionna

Joe Marchionna

Foghorn Therapeutics

Joe Marchionna is Director of Research Informatics at Foghorn Therapeutics. He is responsible for the strategic implementation and management of research informatics.

Prior to joining Foghorn Therapeutics, he consulted with various biotech startups as part of the Flagship Pioneering and Third Rock Venture VC firms, and developed research systems at Constellation Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, and Transform Pharmaceuticals.

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