Business Development/Sales Professional (Asia/Europe/US)

Job Description

CDD is a refreshingly enjoyable place to work on the customer-facing sides. CDD's support is legendary, as you can read first-hand in all the enthusiastic customers in our Spotlight Interviews.

You will be working with wonderful colleagues who treat you like family and work together to delight customers. Across the product management, software development, support, and marketing functions, you will have a number of top tier resources at your fingertips to delicately nurture leads into prospects and customers.

You need experience successfully selling to scientists in our domain in a manner that makes customers like CDD even more after they sign on. Your responsibility will be to generate new customers from our increasing CDD Vault leads funnel. Hopefully, you are well connected and can even add some of your own relationships into the mix.

CDD has tripled its sales force in the past year to meet rapidly growing demand for CDD Vault. Come join a winning team, selling the platform gaining momentum in our marketplace.

Your Profile

We are looking for a trustworthy, high integrity sales professional who will accelerate our short-term business growth while simultaneously increasing our brand-awareness for the long-term. Ideally, you are a Ph.D. scientist with sales experience plus a software/informatics industry background.

You have a friendly outgoing personality yet you know how to listen (do you have “active listening” skills or training?) so you can offer the best solution to your prospects and make them happy customers.

During your career, you have already mastered at least one formal sales methodology such as “solution selling”, SPIN”, “BANT”, “Challenger Sales” or similar.

More important – you need to be quick, responsive, ready to hit the ground running (we have a lot of leads coming in which all need to be taken care of) and ultimately enjoy working with those nice humans on the other end. We look for individuals who are self-motivated and will take initiative at all stages of the sales cycle (leads-suspects-prospects-customers-referrals from customers). The focus will be on winning new, loyal customers. You should be equally comfortable with written and oral communication, whether in person or via video conference, with an individual or a group. You must balance short-term execution, while prioritizing long-term value creation (for both the customer and CDD).

You are “fluent” with basic productivity tools, CRM, databases, email, inbound marketing, and are both open and fast to learn new tools and techniques (collaborative tools, social media, etc).

Travel will be necessary and it is equally important – if not more – to be proficient working remotely via phone and web. Strong communication and writing skills are a must.

If you only satisfy a portion of the criteria above, please don’t be shy and give it a try. We will help the right person evolve to find and unfold their potential. We have a good eye for developing talent and the right potential matters as much as the right experience.

Position Location:

Burlingame, California, or remote
Remote-work eligible

Position Type:

Full-time, permanent

Position Posted:

01/04/2023 (Applications accepted through 03/31/2023)

Work Eligibility:


To apply, contact [email protected] with your resume.