GSK Takes a Leap Towards "Open Innovation" in Neglected Disease Research

Yesterday, GlaxoSmithKline announced a pledge to establish a data collaboration strategy in order to forward neglected disease research.  The first initiative is the creation of an “Open Lab,” a data collaboration project that will allow scientists to tap into the wealth of knowledge available to GSK while pursuing their own projects simultaneously.  GSK will also make available 13,500 promising malaria compounds resulting from a 2 million compound screen.  All data for these compounds, including structures and assay data will be made publicly available; this is the first time a big pharma has released data to the public in order to advance malaria research. Interesting commentaries have been posted on the In Vivo blog, BBC, and Times Online.

Many are realizing the value of collaborative research and data sharing for the advancement of drug discovery, which we fully endorse!