CDD @ BioConference Live

Attending conferences is an important part of any company’s external facing marketing.  At CDD we pride ourselves on attending conferences that not only benefit us, but also where we can make an impact.  Conferences that focus on the advances and future of integrating life sciences research and technology are of particular interest to us.  And so we will be presenting at BioConference Live, an online conference with a strong focus on technological advances in biological research. 

BioConference Live is a Free online-only event focused on the Life Science and Biotech community – bringing together researchers, thought leaders, and professionals from around the world. As the event is hosted live over the internet, this conference requires no travel. You can register here and login to attend June 2nd-3rd, 2010.
There will be over 50 Live keynote and track presentations, including a talk by our very own CEO Barry Bunin, PhD.  Other speakers include David Wolf M.D. NASA Astronaut and Medical Doctor, Steven Burrill CEO of Burrill & Company, Kevin Hrusovsky M.B.A. CEO of Caliper Life Sciences, and Dr. Paul Schoemaker, Ph.D. Chairman and CEO Decision Strategies International, Inc., The Wharton School.