Partnering for Cures, Dec 14-15

CDD CEO Barry Bunin, PhD, as well as CDD Board Member Alpheus Bingham, PhD, will be presenting on a Panel at the Partnering for Cures conference at the Grand Hyatt in New York City  on December 14-15.

Here is the abstract and speakers from the titled Cloud-Sourcing: Collaboration in a Data-Rich Environment panel:

“The medical research community, typically a step behind most other sectors in its use of information technology, is showing increased interest in open source and cloud platforms as tools to connect relevant scientists, research, information, and data. Several new such infrastructures are now available to allow researchers, providers, and patients to share data proactively. But what’s the uptake? How open is science to open source frameworks? Can these data-driven models catalyze new research dynamics?”


And here is the abstract and speakers from the Cures in the Cupboard: Sharing and Repurposing Assets panel:

“Faced with thinning pipelines, a growing number of companies are taking more seriously the possibility of investigating potential new applications for existing, often shelved compounds, and they are seeking new partners to share some of the risk. The idea of marketplaces or exchanges for intellectual property, such as patent pools, is moving from the realm of discussion into reality, particularly in the area of global health. While these activities seem like no-brainers, the challenges in making them work are real. Are there success stories, and where can we find them? Is this the potential goldmine it’s often portrayed to be, or is it a red herring?”


If you are interested in meeting with Alpheus Bingham or Barry Bunin in NYC during the week of Dec 13-17th, contact

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