CDD Vault Update: Normalize Dose-Response Data? Yes We Can!

With this highly anticipated release, you can start importing raw data for your dose-response experiments, and let CDD calculate % activity based on controls. This is building on existing functionality of calculating EC50 based on % activity. We hope you will be able to import dose-response data into CDD as they are generated, eliminating the need for an intermediate processing step.

Normalization Options


The options to normalize raw data can be found in the dose-response readout definition section of the protocol:


Normalization is based on positive and negative controls, as follows

(x - μ_-) / (μ_+ - μ_-) × 100%


x is the sample,
μ_- is the mean of negative controls, and
μ_+ is the mean of positive controls.

Normalized Dose-Response Plots


When data is normalized (first three options), we automatically fix the y-axis range of dose-response plots to 0-100 (%) range (including a small buffer).

How To Normalize Existing Data

If you already imported control data, simply edit the dose-response calculation readout definition to perform normalization and verify your plate control layouts.

If you did not import controls together with test data, you can import a separate control plate to the existing run, define the control layout for that new plate, and select the option “Normalize within each run”.

The database will fit your data again and plot normalized results.

Additional Dose-Response Improvements


Notable Other Enhancements


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