World TB Day 2012

From the desk of Dr. Barry A. Bunin – CEO, Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD):



Raise awareness, overcome resistance, shorten treatment, optimize drugs to minimize the future human toll from Tuberculosis this World TB Day 2012.  I wish it were not true, but unfortunately, last year’s blog on World TB Day 2011 by Dr. Sean Ekins is still relevant today:

1 in 3 people still have TB, the treatment is still 6 months, and better treatments are desperately needed.  Hopefully by next year, we will have evolved faster than the bacteria.

Collaboration is the key!

— Barry

P.S. Channeling Andy Warhol for a good cause:

P.P.S.  And since an image is worth 1000 words, especially with an image of lungs infected with TB:

Please advocate for greater funding and collaborate on new ideas in this space.