CDD Vault Update: Spring Cleaning Release #1

Instead of adding the next major feature, we’re pausing for a moment to polish the existing application and implement your most commonly requested small changes. This is the first in a series of releases intended to make your day-to-day experience with CDD more enjoyable.

Dose-Response: Better axes and labels


File Export: No more timeouts!

Your latest export now remains available for download for 3 days, even if your CDD session times out. To download, log back in and look for the green status bar at the top of any page.

Plate Heat Maps: Improved color-coding

CDD will now use the values of your positive and negative controls to create heat maps that are more meaningful and easier to compare. If controls are available on each plate, those will be used, otherwise the controls for the run are used. If a run lacks positive and negative controls, we will base the coloring on z-score for each plate, as before.

Heat Map Legend

A legend next to the heat maps explains the coloring used when there are controls:



or for z-score based coloring (which should be self-explanatory):


New Call-to-action

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