Virtual Pharma, Externalization, FIPNet, VIPCO – like gravity, you can fight it, but you’ll lose (Part 2 – Simplicity)

Simple, lightweight hosted data solutions for data capture

Data Archive

CDD’s byline “Archive, Mine, Collaborate” has “Archive” as the foundation.  Through an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), configurable data space, intelligent mapping algorithms, and saved templates, CDD significantly lowers the activation energy for data archival, and therefore compliance on the part of the end-users. How many people have you met that get excited by data entry?!

CDD looks much more like LinkedIn or Facebook (web platforms that require no training nor support), than the expert, albeit complex drug informatics platforms.

Distributed labs in academia and startup companies with zero IT support demanded a more intuitive platform for registration and analysis.

For timely, remote data archival, simplicity is a prerequisite.

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