Elsevier Acquisition of Mendeley by Mendelspod Plugs CDD

Mendelspod ran a humorous blog about open science in light of the Elsevier acquisition of Mendeley.


The funniest quote from one commenter compared it to “Haliburton buying Green Peace.”

In his article, there was a concise description of how CDD spans the commercial private and external domains required for drug discovery IP:

I’ve always thought the answer to open science was in the marriage of creative new legal agreements to the opportunities the internet provides for sharing. One of my favorite companies is Collaborative Drug Discovery which provides a platform for drug developers to share their data in new ways. Through various permissions, users are able to share with each other in a more open, yet precise manner. There is convenience and ease, and most importantly, the company assures, security.

In our interview with company CEO, Barry Bunin, he says CDD widens the spectrum between open and closed to the “infinite” possibilities in between.” Read Theral Timpson’s complete article.