Some Clouds Are Lined With Silver, Some Are Lined With Gold

Some Clouds Are Lined With Silver, Some Are Lined With Gold

From the desk of S. Louise-May, CDD Advocate

As a research scientist in the health field, concerned with hastening the pace of therapeutic advances, my pulse quickens at the thought of clouds laden with research data, coalescing into a storm of Eureka moments. I imagine new collaborations and alliances producing a rain of ideas and hypotheses to quench the drought of therapies for the many ills that plague our bodies.

Photographer: Kohji Asakawa

While Google and Apple wrestle over who will siphon the most data into their private storehouses, other companies and organizations have established and promoted the Cloud as a conduit for collective gains, offering the vision and potential for a Cloud lined with gold.

These entities have promoted and developed the Cloud for collaboration, for equalizing access and visibility and for keeping their community connected to the forefront of advances in the many niche research fields working on life saving therapies. By using the Cloud to encourage active participation and contribution for either secure collaborations or open collaborations, they are transforming the way therapeutic research is being conducted and the pace and frequency of significant breakthroughs.

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