CDD Webinar: Industry Leaders Discuss the Challenges of Modern Drug Discovery

CDD Webinar: Industry Leaders Discuss the Challenges of Modern Drug Discovery

“Change is the only constant” – Heraclitus of Ephesus

CDD proudly invites you to discuss the underlying dynamics driving
modern drug discovery with selected industry thought leaders.

Wednesday, November 4th


  • Barry Bunin, CEO & President (Collaborative Drug Discovery)
  • Daniel Erlanson, President (Carmot Therapeutics)
  • Mark Gurney, CEO (Tetra Discovery Partners)
  • Henry Johnson, Principal Scientist (Kezar Life Sciences)
  • Shirley Louise-May, CDD Advocate (ex-Pfizer)
  • Nicholas Skelton, Principal Scientist (Genentech)

As scientists, we hear that the drug discovery landscape has changed, and our industry is evolving at a faster and faster pace. There is a real pressure to “keep up with the Joneses.” So, here’s your chance to “meet the Joneses” of the drug discovery neighborhood.

CDD is bringing together a panel of drug discovery thought leaders for an open discussion on the challenges in modern drug discovery. Join in as the panel discusses how we can learn from the past, make a difference in the present, and impact the future. Together, we’ll explore how innovation provides the key for unlocking a more effective & rewarding drug discovery paradigm!

This is intentionally not a product-focused webinar, but rather a discussion exploring these underlying dynamics driving our fields.

Register now! Although the webinar is at no cost, the experience will be priceless!

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