Videos on Changes in Drug Discovery Thought Leadership Webinar

Our recent CDD Webinar by industry thought leaders with the scientific community discussing why innovation and synergy are critical to drug discovery project team success was recorded live.

Click below to view Part 1 of the webinar recording:

Click below to view Part 2 of the webinar recording:

CDD was joined in the discussion by:

  • Daniel Erlanson (President), Carmot Therapeutics
  • Mark Gurney (CEO), Tetra Discovery Partners
  • Henry Johnson (Principal Scientist), Kezar Life Sciences
  • Shirley Louise-May (CDD Advocate), ex-Pfizer
  • Nicholas Skelton (Principal Scientist), Genentech

Our previous CDD Webinar case study with viDA Therapeutic’s Dr. Dale Cameron on how innovation and synergy was implemented dug deeper here.

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