CDD Vault Update: Software Upgrade Part 2

Today’s release brings another major upgrade to the software stack that CDD Vault runs on.  Again, this allows us to maintain good application security and paves the way for upcoming features.

Here are some of the visible updates we have made.

Performance boost

Molecule and batch owners in the API

When using the API to retrieve molecules or batches, the owner’s full name is now included in the JSON response.

Project membership display

Vault admins get a little help managing vault users on the Settings->Vault->Members tab.  You can now see at a glance how many projects the user belongs to, and clicking the link will show the project names.


Collections management

Overwriting a collection now works nicely with existing searches that were using that collection. Also, you will notice that private collections are grouped separately in the collections drop-down on the search page, allowing for quick look-up of your own data.




New Call-to-action

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