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Spotlight Interviews

Spotlight Interview with Rick Keenan, Ph.D.

October 11, 2016
Rick Keenan

“The other thing is, most of us scientists, we have some familiarity with computers, we use them all the time, we have smart phones, but we don’t want to know what’s going on behind the curtain computationally. We just want…

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Spotlight Interview with Dr. Andrew Calabrese – VP of Chemistry at AgriMetis

September 6, 2016
Dr. Andrew Calabrese - VP of Chemistry at AgriMetis

Going from academic research to industrial research, came with the realization that bulk data drives industrial research, whether its pharmaceuticals or agrochemicals. In academia you might focus in on a very specific issue and track data very carefully, on individual data points. In industry it’s all about bulk data, and it’s about drawing plots of multiple compounds vs multiple data points, and trying to find correlations and find the outliers and find the reason why compounds are doing what they’re doing. CDD Vault is a great tool for bulk data analysis…

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CDD Spotlight Interview with Ronnett Seldon, University of Cape Town, South Africa

September 15, 2015
Ronnett Seldon Pic

Interviewed by Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc.
When you joined H3-D were they already using CDD Vault?

Yes, CDD Vault is a central database so everybody has access to the data. I have been with the project for 18 months now, and I run a dose-response inhibition assay which generates a significant amount of data analysis. I had intended to use GraphPad prism or Stata for my analysis in which I have to define controls and use a 4 parameter logistic regression for the curve generation. For large data sets, this takes a lot of time. I am a clinical research microbiologist, so I have a fair amount of experience with large datasets.

While uploading data to CDD, I noticed in the help section of CDD Vault that the platform has a customized 4-parameter logistic regression that is used to process and analyze the data. This has changed, a whole lot and for the better, the amount of time I need to upload and process the data. CDD Vault is not just a database to which I bulk upload data, but I actually use it to analyze and process all my data…

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