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Spotlight Interviews

Spotlight Interview with Dr Thomas Sander from Idorsia Pharmaceuticals

Dr Thomas Sander Idorsia Pharmaceuticals
Thomas Sander heads the drug discovery informatics department at Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and leads the team behind DataWarrior and the OpenMolecule platform. DataWarrior* and the OpenMolecule.org suite were created to provide an utilitarian platform of cheminformatics tools for synthetic and medicinal chemists. Dr. Sander kindly agreed to give us this interview at the Idorsia  headquarters…
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Spotlight Interview: Dan Goldberg, Director of Discovery Research at Kineta, Inc.

Dan Goldberg
“We’re really pushing the boundaries looking for non-addictive pain medications and looking for ways to achieve that. Then on top of that, we’ve developed new ways to look at immuno-oncology and immunotherapy. Obviously this is an area that’s really at the forefront of science right now and in the news. It is exciting to be…
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Spotlight Interview with Theresa Pauca, Co-Founder and Vice-President of the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation

Theresa Pauca
“I think that right now there seems to be a really big push into research on rare diseases. All the rare diseases are collectively getting together and saying, “Hey, we’re here!” – combined together they make one big common type of genetic disease category. I think this is the day and age of rare diseases.”…
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Spotlight Interview with Dr. Donald R. Kirsch, Author of “The Drug Hunters”

“I wrote the book because…all drug discovery scientists have probably had a similar experience…people turn to you and they say “What do you do?”. And I say “Oh, well I’m in drug discovery”. And then people start asking you all these questions that you really can’t answer in an elevator conversation. So, that was really…
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Spotlight Interview with Dr. David Swinney, CEO of the Institute for Rare and Neglected Diseases Drug Discovery

CDD has teamed-up with iRND3 to help raise money for their efforts in Rare and Neglected Diseases.  For each customer referral, CDD will make a donation to iRND3, up to $10,000.  Current customers should simply email your recommendation to a colleague directly and cc us at [email protected], or use this simple referral form. “[CDD Vault] is…
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Spotlight Interview with Rick Keenan, Ph.D.

Rick Keenan
“The other thing is, most of us scientists, we have some familiarity with computers, we use them all the time, we have smart phones, but we don’t want to know what’s going on behind the curtain computationally. We just want to use it. So it has to be user-friendly and intuitive. That’s what made Apple…
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