Spotlight Interviews

Dr. Joel Freundlich, UMDNJ

Joel Freundlich cdd

“When you see that activity in a mouse model with the compound that you designed and made and ushered through those early stages, that’s really, really exciting… We use CDD Vault all the time for programs where we are evolving structure activity relationships, understanding how a small molecule modulates the target. We are able to track those changes in both graphical and numerical ways seeing how structure influences inhibition of a target. That is just incredibly valuable to us, together with the ability to share the information amongst many different collaborators whom I’m really privileged to have. It is extremely important to exchange data in a seamless fashion. And there is the immense amount of public data that’s been archived on CDD Vault.”

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Stephen Bergmeier: From Shoebox to the Cloud, Collaboration Then and Now

Stephen Bergmeier

“…I have sitting on my desk a shoe box kind of box and it’s got little four by six file cards and on each one of these four by six file cards I have a structure drawn and it’s got a compound identifier and we have someone’s name on there as the person who made the compound and on the various cards there are sort of little pencil marks indicating that we sent so much of it to somebody or we looked at it in a particular assay. And so, you know, actually this is another one of the reasons I really like CDD Vault, is I’m getting rid of my shoeboxes of file cards.”

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Dr. Michael Pollastri, Northeastern University

pollastri cdd

“…being able to basically have a one-stop shop for people in my group to go and actually look for their data across multiple projects and also to have my collaborators to be able to just sort of access in an easy way the data that’s relevant to their projects without making it a really sort of arduous search to do. I mean basically it’s almost like the Project’s concept was designed for projects – for labs like mine.”

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Malcolm Kendall (President & CEO), Indel Therapeutics, Inc.

malcolm kendall cdd

“CDD Vault is a G=d-send. We are a virtual company. I’ve got people spread from Montreal to Vancouver to L.A. and we really needed some way to kind of bring it all together and capture the data that we were creating and be able to share and analyze it. So it’s become sort of a critical part of our existence, in a sense. Before we were capturing data on spreadsheets so having a web-served application like CDD Vault, allows you to collaborate real-time with your people, spread across two countries and several time zones. It is easy to use, has lots of features and because of it we can now better use and share the data we are creating.”

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Dr. Thomas J. Magliery, Ohio State University

Tom Maglieri

Thomas J. Magliery was born in Oak Park, Illinois, in 1974 and grew up outside of Chicago and Indianapolis. He conducted medical genetics research with M. Ed Hodes at the Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis, leading to a semifinalist-winning project in the Westinghouse Science Search in 1992. Fast-forward a few years at Berkeley, Scripps and Yale, and Dr. Magliery joins the faculty of the Ohio State University in the fall of 2005 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Biochemistry. He is a member of the Ohio State Biochemistry Program, the Biophysics Graduate Program and the Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Program.

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Dr. Ellen Berg, Asterand

Ellen Berg

“I was always interested in sort of the bench-to-bedside areas; how do we do a better job of finding new drugs that are actually going to work in people safely.”

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Jim Wikel, Ex-Eli Lilly, Apex Therapeutics


“I came from southern West Virginia, the coal fields of southern West Virginia, and it wasn’t that common for folks to go to college…when I retired, I was head of Computational Chemistry and Structural Biology with Lilly.”

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Dr. James McKerrow, UCSF

jim press release

As CDD’s first major customer, Dr. McKerrow guided us in our early days and introduced us to the Gates Foundation, making him perfect for our first CDD Spotlight.

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