CDD Korean Community Meeting 2022

November 16, 2022 • Courtyard Seoul Pangyo

On High-Tech Factory Asian Engineer Talks with Female Supervisor, Use Computer for Programming Pick and Place Electronic Machinery for Printed Circuit Board Surface Mount Assembly Line. Production of PCB with SMT Machinery.


CDD 한국 커뮤니티 세미나
CDD Korean Community Meeting
Where science meets technology

Collaborative Drug Discovery 커뮤니티 미팅을 통하여 테크놀로지와 사이언스의 교류를 증진하고자 합니다. 올해는 Covid 이후의 첫번째 오프라인에서의 만남을 계획하고 있습니다.

Collaborative Drug Discovery Community Meeting brings the Korean technology and scientific communities together. This year is special as we look forward to reconnecting in person once again!

이번 행사에서 CDD Vault의 새로운 내용과 연구에 어떻게 도움이 될지 알아 보시기 바랍니다. 또한, 키노트를 통하여 새로운 트렌드에 대한 정보를 전해 드립니다.

We invite you to join us to discover important CDD Vault updates, learn about industry trends, discuss strategies on best practices with peers, get personalized training, listen to engaging keynotes, and network with industry experts.

특히 이번 오프라인 행사를 통해서 업계 종사자들간의 교류를 증진 하시기를 바랍니다.

Plus, there will be multiple opportunities for face-to-face networking and connecting!


10:00-10:30: Registration and refreshments

10:30-10:40: Welcome

10:40-11:10: “사람을 살리는 신약개발: 베이직을 다지면 미래는 탄탄하다" ("Life Saving Drug Discovery: Solid Foundation for a Bright Future”). Prof Dr. Jin Keon Pai, Senior VP, InnoCure Therapeutics

11:10-12:00: "Secure data management for collaborative research using CDD Vault". Hyun Park, Sr. Business Developer, CDD and Emilia Hietala, Applications Scientist, CDD

12:00-13:00: Lunch and Networking

13:00-13:30: “STADIUM: Standigm’ Sample Management System built on CDD Vault API”. Dr. Hanjo Kim, SVP Global Strategy and Head of Medicinal Chemistry, Standigm

13:30-14:10: "New features in CDD Vault including Mixtures and Biologicals data management". Emilia Hietala, Applications Scientist, CDD

14:10-14:40: "GeneOne Life Science in Novel Biomedicines for Global Health". Dr. Wonil Kim, Director/Head of R&D, R&D Center, GeneOne Life Science, Inc.

14:40-15:00: "Adding ontologies to bioassay protocols in CDD Vault: Consortium proposal". Dr. Mariana Vaschetto, Head EMEA/AP, CDD

15:00-15:30: Coffee break and Networking

15:30-16:00:  "Talent from Academia for Biopharma Ecosystem". Dr. Junghyun Hahn, Team leader/Research Planning and BD, Oscotec, Inc.

16:00-16:30: "CDD Vault, 2023 roadmap and vision". Kellan Gregory, Head of Product Excellence and COO, CDD

16:30-16:40: Closing remarks

16:40-18:30: Drinks, snacks and networking

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