CDD Surpasses One Million Compounds Hosted in Constantly Growing Collaborative SAR Database

April 17, 2009

Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc. (CDD) is proud to announce that CDD’s Web 2.0 collaborative research information system now hosts over 1 million structure searchable compounds. The accelerated adoption of CDD by academic, non-profit and corporate customers for securely storing focused chemical and biological research data validates CDD’s new paradigm in online research information management.

“The 1 millionth structure is a key milestone for CDD, the culmination of large compound contributions from several customers, including the University of Texas Austin Screening Center,” said Dr. Barry Bunin, CEO and President of Collaborative Drug Discovery. “More importantly, it demonstrates that CDD capabilities and performance scales – searches are very rapid, a substructure search of even a molecule as common as (-) Epinephrine will generate all the hits in just seconds.”

“It has been great to work with the CDD database and wonderful customer support team,” said Dr. Eun Jeong Cho at the TI3D Screening at the University of Texas Austin. “We are impressed with the CDD system which is accurate, fast, and identified data inconsistencies that we might not have seen in our quality control reports.”

Notes Sean Ekins, PhD, CDD Collaborations Director, “The 1 millionth structure, (4-chlorophenyl) N-benzylcarbamate, is from Maybridge’s HitFinder screening compound library which is part of the University of Texas TI3D Screening Center’s private CDD data set. CDD allows secure searching of both private data and the CDD Public Access data. Searching the CDD public data shows this Maybridge compound is 68% similar to rivastigmine which is used to treat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. In addition to the maximum dosing information for rivastigmine in the CDD public data, integrated linking to ChemSpider finds further useful properties and references.”

CDD’s hosted compounds include several publicly available data sources with chemical and biological data for 140,000 chemical structures only available via CDD, including:

Plus much more…

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