CDD Vault Update (August 2022): Numeric Protocol Fields, Exporting and Visualizing Run Summary Data

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August 1, 2022

Number based Protocol Fields

When Vault Administrators create Protocol-level fields using the Settings > Vault > Protocol Fields tab, there is a new “Number” Data Type.



Export Run Data Summary Information

The information presented in a Protocol Run Data Summary tab can now be exported directly from the Run’s action bar.



The following Excel spreadsheet is exported in csv format.



Visualizing Run Summary Data

Also new to the Run’s action bar is the ability to visualize plate based data in CDD Visualization. Unlike the search page, run based sessions will plot individual replicates and include controls. This will eventually replace the legacy “View scatter plot” applet once all features are ported over.



The legacy plotting tool would allow this type of graph.



In the modern CDD Vault Visualization tool, the same data can be plotted, and all of the features of the Visualization tool can be applied to this data.