CDD Vault Update: DataWarrior, Activity Report and other Enhancements

CDD Vault Update Logo
October 27, 2017

This release introduces an exciting new integration, along with some enhancements to make the every day usage of CDD Vault more friendly.

CDD Vault Integration with DataWarrior
CDD Vault is now connected directly to DataWarrior. With your data safely and securely stored within CDD Vault, you can now leverage the wide range of cheminformatics visualization and analysis features found in DataWarrior. This allows users to easily pull chemical and biological data into DataWarrior via CDD Vault saved searches. This integration takes advantage of the CDD Vault API, which must be activated before using this integration. For more information on this DataWarrior integration, please see the CDD Support Knowledgebase article. We would like to give special thanks to Thomas Sander for creating this plugin.


Date Range Selection Tool Added to the Activity Log
In the Reports tab, the Activity Log was historically available only for the previous month. Now, users may adjust the time frame to display an Activity Log over any selected period of time.


Well Utilization Indication
Answering the age-old question of “How many wells have I filled on my Plate?” has become trivial! We’ve added a new column of information on the Plate Index Page (Explore Data > Plates) titled “Wells” and this new column indicates how many wells on each plate are currently filled.


Automatically Displaying Readouts that are Part of a Query
When you include a certain readout as part of your query, you generally want that data displayed in the search results table. Well, now it is! Previously, in some situations, readout definitions that are part of your query would not be automatically displayed in the search results table. This usually occurred when querying over the calculated values that are generated by the Dose Response toolkit. For example, you might search for Curve Class values less than 2 and retrieve the appropriate hits but the actual Curve Class column would not be displayed in the search results table. To see the actual Curve Class values (you would have to “Customize your report” and turn them on). This is no longer the case! If you query for a readout, it will now automatically be displayed in your search results table.


Vault Deletion Notification Banner
This one is for our Vault Administrators. When you request that a CDD Vault be deleted, the Support team will schedule the deletion and a notification banner is displayed to the Vault Administrator within the CDD Vault application. What if a Vault Administrator has more than 1 Vault? Previously, this Vault Deletion Notification Banner only displayed when accessing the Vault that’s actually scheduled for deletion. Now, however, this Vault Deletion Notification Banner will display for the Vault Administrator no matter which Vault is currently selected.


Creating Plate Objects with no Assigned Molecules Generates Suspicious Event
While it may sometimes be desired to create an empty Plate object, where no Batches of Molecules are assigned to any wells, it may also be unintentional. To help alert users when this scenario occurs, a new Suspicious Event has been created in the Data Import wizard. Users may, of course, Accept or Reject this Suspicious Event as needed.