CDD Vault Update (December 2019): ELN New Features – Improved Handling of Salts, Checkbox and Timestamp, Text Formatting

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December 9, 2019

CDD wishes everyone a festive and joyous holiday season!

"1" list icon for CDD Vault ELN Blog Posts Salt Form Identification

When drawing reactions in an ELN entry, users must now explicitly draw the + symbol to indicate separate reaction components. If two structures are drawn as a mixture without the use of a + symbol, they will be considered as 1 reaction component and CDD Vault ELN will identify any salts found in the structure. If no salts are found, the mixture will be considered a single reaction component.

As an example, if the following structure is drawn as a reactant, CDD Vault ELN will identify the hydrochloride salt.

The resulting stoichiometry table will list this as only 1 reactant, and it will be referenced as methanamine hydrochloride and report the appropriate formula weight.


"2" list icon for CDD Vault ELN Blog Posts ELN Formatting Options, Checklists and Timestamps

The menu bar in the header of your ELN entries has a few new options for you to explore:

Formatting buttons for strike-through, superscripts  and subscripts Used to add strike-through, superscripts and subscripts to your text.

Add timestamp button Insert the current timestamp into your ELN entry:

Example of ELN timestamp

Font color button Allows users to select the font color. When selected, the user is presented with these color choices:

ELN font color choices

Text size drop-down menu The text size drop-down now includes a new Sub-header option.

                                          text size choices: normal, subheader, header                 sample text sizes

add checklist button Inserts a check-list into your ELN entry that allows users to interactively “check off” items in the list directly within the ELN entry.

Example of ELN checklist for a synthesis

"3" list icon for CDD Vault ELN Blog Posts Right-Click Insert Feature

Users may now access the Insert tools found in the ELN header menu bar by right-clicking in the ELN entry while holding any one of the Shift, Ctrl, Alt, or Windows/Command keys.

Screenshot of right-click menu

When right-clicking within a Table, additional Table tools are included in the menu.

Screenshot of table tools in right-click menu