CDD Vault Update: Dose-Response Improvements Part I: Consistency!

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May 12, 2011

The calculation of dose-response data is now consistent throughout CDD. Previously we would calculate one EC50 for each row of data, but on the plot we would aggregate all the data by batch/run and perform a separate calculation.

Now, all dose-response calculations are performed using the aggregate data from each batch/run, so the numbers in the search result table are identical to those in the plot pop-up. Additionally, the baseline and maximum response, R-squared, N and Hill slope are now included in the display options so their values can be viewed and exported.

Aside from these visible changes, a ton of work was done on the back-end to prepare for the next round of dose-response improvements. Stay tuned…

In the area of smaller improvements: You can now import SD files that contain multiple values for a given field. The field must be mapped to molecule names or synonyms, user-defined fields or text-based readout definitions.