CDD Vault Update (February 2021): Enhanced ELN Entity Registration and New Drawing Templates in Marvin JS

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February 1, 2021

Entries are Now Linked to Imported Batches

When a data file (SD File, XLSX, or CSV) is imported from an ELN entry and a new Molecule/Entity or Batch is registered, that entry is automatically linked to the record. The link appears under the Links tab. These links can also be displayed for Molecules/Entities and Batches in the Search Results Table. File imported from ELN automatically links to that ELN entry

Links to the ELN are also added to the Batches tab for any Batch registered from an ELN entry.

New batch registered from ELN has link automatically assigned

Noteworthy Tips

  1. This new behavior builds on the previously implemented workflow for importing Runs of Protocol (assay) data, where the Entry is associated to the run, and now includes files used to register new Molecules/Entities and Batches.
  2. Links are only added when new Molecules/Entities or Batches are registered, not when existing records are modified.

New Drawing Templates in Marvin JS

The ChemAxon Marvin JS structure editor available within CDD Vault has been updated to include new drawing templates. Users may now easily draw chains and ring systems.

Additional drawing templates added to Marvin JS