CDD Vault Update: Importing Data with a Simpler Mapper (That Does More)

CDD Vault Update Logo
August 22, 2011

You can now provide default values when importing data by adding virtual fields to your file. This change allowed us to remove the bulky Default Values section, presenting a cleaner interface to all users while preserving and expanding advanced functionality.

Easily Add Missing Fields

To add a default value for every record in your file, scroll all the way to the right of the preview section and you’ll see an option to “Add a field”:


Specify a name and value, then submit. Once the column has been created, you can map it to the desired database field:


Required Batch Information (For vaults that use CDD’s molecular registration system)

If your file is missing a required batch field (often the case with vendor-supplied SD files), you can now resolve this by adding a new field to your file and mapping it appropriately.

There’s even a shortcut: click the link “provide a default…” next to the error, supply a default value, and submit. This will add a field to the file and automatically map it.


Give it a try with a new file or go back and re-map one of your existing files.

Other noteworthy updates


  • The mapper now proactively displays mapping templates that apply to the file you are importing. If there is only one, it even auto-selects it for you. Just click “cancel” to start with a clean slate.
  • You no longer need to provide concentrations for control wells in dose-response protocols.