CDD Vault Update (September 2020): Label Entities With New Default Images, Utilize Automatically Generated Batch Identifier and Modify Runs via API

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September 14, 2020

Identify your Entities with a Default Image

CDD Vault allows users to register records that do not have chemical structures. The default display image used for these no-structure records is now:

default no-structure image

Given the increasing popularity of storing entities other than small molecules in CDD Vault, CDD now provides a range of images that can be used to identify various types of entities.

images for other entity types

Images can be set on a per Vault basis by CDD Support.

Noteworthy Tips

  1. Users, please let your Vault Administrators know if you wish to use one of these alternate images to represent the entities registered in your CDD Vault.
  2. Vault Administrators, please email CDD Support and let us know which image we should set for each CDD Vault in your account.

CDD Vault Automatically Generates a Molecule-Batch Identifier

When registering Batches of Molecules into CDD Vault using our registration system, a Batch-level identifier is now automatically generated. This ID is available when querying, registering Plates and importing Protocol data.

screenshot showing molecule batch id

Noteworthy Tips

  1. The Batch-level field is named “Molecule-Batch ID” by default, but if your Vault is using another term for “Molecule” or “Batch”, then this new unique identifier will be named to match the terms set within your CDD Vault.
  2. The format of this “Molecule-Batch ID” is Molecule Name-Batch Name. For example, Batch 002 of Molecule ABC-0000123 would have the new “Molecule-Batch ID” value of ABC-0000123-002.

Modify Runs via the API

Existing Protocol Runs may now be modified using the PUT Runs API call, which allows users to update the Run’s Project association and the Date, Person, Lab, and Condition fields.

    PUT /api/v1/vaults/<vault_id>/runs/<id>

The parameters supported for this PUT Runs API call include project, run_date, person, place, conditions. This example API command demonstrates how to update an existing Run.


Including the following JSON parameters:

        "project":"New Project",
        "conditions":"New Condition",
        "place":"New Lab",
        "person":"New Person"

For details, see the PUT Runs API Knowledgebase article.