CDD Vault Update (September 2022[#2]): Save a CDD Vault Visualization Session

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September 30, 2022

Save a CDD Vault Visualization Session

The ability to save a CDD Vault Visualization session provides a powerful collaboration tool within the CDD Vault platform. Once a user has transferred data from Vault into the Visualization tool, and spent time configuring various plots and settings, they may now save their session and share it with other users within their Vault.

Saved Visualization session data is loaded via Saved Searches. So any data that matches the search criteria that was initially used to launch the session will automatically be pulled into the Visualization session whenever it is launched. Saved sessions will appear alongside Saved Searches in the Explore Data > Saved Searches tab.

Noteworthy tips:

  • Data must originate from a search in CDD Vault in order Save or Share a session. If you import a file or launch a Run-based session, the session cannot be saved.
  • All plots and configurations in the Visualization session are saved.
  • Override saved sessions by saving a new session with the same name and access (specific project or private).

Bonus Feature: the “Share Session” url has been shortened to make it easier to share with colleagues over email and in social apps.

Consistent Orientation of Compounds in CDD Visualization

When using the Substructure Filter to perform structure-based queries in Visualization, all Molecules in the data table are oriented in the same manner as the drawn query.