CDD Vault Update: Spring Cleaning Release #2

This second installment of our Spring Cleaning series brings you two highly requested enhancements. Read on!

Exact Keyword Search

By default, molecule keyword searches now return results that match your terms exactly. This allows you to find a precise list of molecules using molecule names, user-defined fields, or any other combination of keywords.

Of course, you can still search more broadly using the * wildcard character to match additional characters and get more results.

For example, if you have molecules named CDT-0000001 to CDT-0005000 in your Vault.

  • If you search for CDT-46, the application will return only one molecule: CDT-0000046.
  • If you search for CDT-46*, the application will return CDT-0000046, CDT-0000460 to CDT-0000469, and CDT-0004600 to CDT-0004699.

You can always click the Help icon next to the molecule keyword search interface on the Explore Data tab for more details.

Response Span Calculated Readout


Dose-response calculations now include an additional calculated readout, the response span, that can be queried and exported.

Span is the maximum response range for the data fit, determined as Ymax-Ymin (maximum response – baseline response).

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