Recorded Webinar: Computation in Drug Discovery — An Insider’s View

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Webinar: Computation in Drug Discovery — An Insider’s View

Recorded live December 1, 2022

Computational and data-driven drug discovery approaches are promising to revolutionize the biopharmaceutical industry. On a practical level, however, research teams need to overcome a number of challenges to truly harness the power of data and turn it into discoveries.

In this webinar, we've invited two industry veterans, Drs. Josh Horan (Nuvalent) and Michael Kappler (IDEAYA Biosciences), to share their first-hand experience working with data at leading biotech companies. We will go beyond the hype of AI/machine learning and dive into the nuts and bolts of building computational drug discovery capabilities from the ground up.

Speaker includes...


Eric Gifford, PhD

Customer Success Scientist, CDD

Eric Gifford is a Customer Success Scientist at Collaborative Drug Discovery. Prior to joining CDD, he had a long tenure with multinational pharmaceutical companies Merck and Pfizer where he lead many informatics projects.

Dr. Gifford received a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Akron, a Master of Science degree from Kent State University and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Toledo.


Joshua Horan, PhD

VP Medicinal Chemistry, Nuvalent

Joshua Horan is the Vice President of Medicinal Chemistry at Nuvalent Inc, a biotech company creating precisely targeted therapies for patients with cancer. Previously Dr. Horan worked at Proteostasis Therapeutics, working in phenotypic drug discovery. He started his career at Boehringer Ingelheim working on small molecule drug discovery in inflammation and immunology.

Dr. Horan received a Bachelor of Science degree from Carnegie Melon University and a PhD in organic chemistry from Stanford University.


Michael Kappler, PhD

Head of Research Infomatics, IDEAYA Biosciences

Michael Kappler joined IDEAYA Biosciences, a synthetic lethality-focused precision medicine oncology company, in 2020 to lead its Research Informatics team. Prior to joining IDEAYA, he worked at Nurix, Roche, Amgen, Daylight, and founded Moonlight Informatics & Computing Knowledge LLC.

Dr. Kappler has a Bachelor's degree from Eastern Michigan University and a PhD in chemistry from University of California, Santa Cruz.

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