CDD Vault Update: Faster Scatterplots and Data Import

CDD Vault Update Logo
April 9, 2010

This release primarily provides performance improvements when loading scatterplots and importing data into your Vault. We also made a number of behind-the-scenes improvements that will help us manage and support our growing user base better. Finally, we fixed several bugs discovered from the previous release.

We have increased the maximum number of unique structures that can be loaded into a scatterplot from 2,000 to 10,000. Depending on the data being loaded, loading data for 10,000 structures can take up to one minute. We are still targeting a cutoff 15,000, but more work needs to be done to get there. Once we achieve acceptable performance at 15,000 and add the ability to compare activity across protocols, we will remove the “beta” designation of the scatterplot feature.

The noteworthy bugs fixed in this release were: mapping templates were not available for use if their headers had different capitalization from the uploaded file to which a user wanted to apply the template; downloading uploaded files while at the Portal level did not work; files with new batches listed in multiple rows/records caused errors during data import.

We have also been working hard on designs and initial implementations for our next release, which focuses on raw data processing (calculation of percent inhibition, percent of control, z-scores, B-scores, etc.). If you are normalizing or performing other calculations on your raw data currently outside of CDD, please contact support if you would like to have input into the functionality to be delivered.