CDD Vault Update: Search from a List

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July 19, 2013

This release allows you to search using a list of molecule keywords, without needing to provide any boolean operators.

This means that you can copy-and-paste a list of molecule IDs, batch external IDs, or any other keywords directly from Excel, Word, Notepad or another application. As long as each term appears on a separate row, you do not need to spell out the “OR” boolean operator, which was required in the past.

Searching for a list of molecule IDs will look like this:


Be careful: If all identifiers are listed together without line breaks, AND is assumed between each identifier. So “a b c” will be interpreted as “a AND b AND c”, but


will be interpreted as “a OR b OR c”.

Don’t forget that once you run your search you can create a collection to store that list of molecules in CDD. Happy searching!

Structureless Molecule Registration (For vaults that use CDD’s molecular registration system)

If you use the CDD chemical registration system, you probably know that you can register molecules without structures. We have simplified this process by making “Molecule Name or Synonym” an optional field during the registration process. All you need are the relevant details of the batch you are registering, and the CDD Vault will generate a unique molecule name for you.

Of course you will still need to provide an existing molecule name or synonym when adding a batch of an existing structureless molecule. Read more about structureless registration.