Discovery IT Digital Week 2020

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April 27 - May 1, 2020


CDD is excited to be part of the Discovery IT Digital Week virtual event, brought to you by a group of industry-leading software and service providers. Check out what's happening below, and schedule a meeting with us to discuss how we can help with your informatics workflow!

On-Demand Webinar

Two Biotech Companies Showcase Informatics Workflow Using CDD Vault

webinar panelists

Scientists from An2H Discovery and Foghorn Therapeutics will discuss in-depth:

  • How distributed research teams best use CDD’s ELN, Activity & Registration, Visualization, and Inventory capabilities
  • The more sophisticated, custom scripts which interface with CDD Vault via Application Programming Interface (API)
  • The creation of a useful data-mart (as opposed to the more common “data swamp”), with the customized “Fog-Browser”
  • How CDD Vault plays well with an ecosystem of leading tools

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Case Study

Managing Informatics Challenges across Distributed Drug Discovery Projects

Mironid is a biotech company that embraced the distributed research model with multiple physical sites and CRO collaborations. By implementing a hosted informatics platform early on, Mironid was able to ensure effective data management and sharing across the team and rapid advancement of several hit compounds for optimization.
Download the full article here

Julia Adam

Julia Adam, Ph.D.

Head of Medicinal Chemistry, Mironid Ltd

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