CDD Vault Update: Collections Polish

With this release, we are polishing up molecule collections by adding two nice cherries on the top!

Explore Imported Data

You can now see all registered molecules and associated protocol data from a single imported file with one click. Once a data import is committed, click on the “Explore imported data” link to see the imported data on the search page. This link is available on the QC report (a.k.a. the third and last step of the import) page of all data imports including all past imports.


Share Collections

Once you have created a non-private collection, you can now notify your colleagues and start a conversation right from the application. If you click the share link, you can either copy/paste a link to the collection or directly send a message to members of the collection's project.


The share link is available both on the Collections tab...


and in confirmation messages after you add molecules to a collection on the search page.


Other Enhancements

  • The plates tab of molecule details pages now shows which batch of the molecule was plated.
  • The dose-response fit calculation now tries several initial guesses if the first one failed to fit. Your EC50 data remains the same except some dose series that failed to fit previously might now have a value.