Drug Discovery Informatics Veteran Joins CDD

November 5, 2012

Dr. Michael Travers brings a reproducible track record of commercially successful, informatics innovation to CDD’s strong technical team.

mike travers


Dr. Travers’ broad bioinformatics and chemoinformatics experience adds an eclectic wind to CDD’s sail.

Dr. Michael Travers (CDD Software Design) hails from SRI International’s Bioinformatics Research Group, where he worked on developing software tools to support metabolic engineering. He has relevant industry experience at Afferent-MDL (now Accelrys), IO Informatics, and CollabRx, where he was Director of Research and Development.  Dr. Travers has an undergraduate degree from MIT in Mathematics and a doctoral degree from the MIT Media Laboratory, where he did research on educational programming environments and artificial life. His initial focus at CDD is on the development of the API , which will extend CDD’s already rich capabilities of integrating with an ecosystem of collaborating software systems.  Dr. Travers’ approach is to use innovative user interface design to bring powerful computational tools into the hands of problem solvers.

“We used to have to seek the best talent, now the best talent is coming to CDD,” quipped CEO Dr. Barry A. Bunin.


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