Part 2: CDD’s Tenth Anniversary Meeting Highlights

April 14, 2014


On Friday April 4th, CDD celebrated its tenth anniversary by hosting a community meeting at UCSF. We have written about the meeting before, but there is so much more to share that wasn’t covered.   For starters, new CDD Vault tools were presented at the meeting, including calculations for the new CDD Vision module and QSAR models.   Together they will allow researchers to more systematically interrogate drug-like properties (Ligand Efficiency) with biological properties (Selectivity). With the launch of CDD Vision, researchers can now more efficiently do drug discovery. CDD also announced a mainstream Customer Advisory Board including leaders from Amgen, Genentech, Carmot Therapeutics, and the NIH Neuroscience Blueprint consortium.

To view the day’s program, click here

Sean Ekins brought home the point about the frequency of redundant drug discovery research.  We are often inadvertently neglecting what has been done in the past, due to the difficulty of obtaining, collating, and analyzing historical data. “Drug Discovery Anthropology” can help us more efficiently discover chemically conserved and historically tested compounds.  In a sense, Dr. Ekins was presenting on collaborative drug discovery separated by time as well as space. The conference ended on a thoughtful panel discussion of collaboration, exploring the benefits and roadblocks to collaboration. The benefits of collaboration are numerous and greatly appreciated by all participants (who doesn’t want to gain expertise, maximize efficiency and save time and money), but the main challenges lie in human psychology for the business bottom line. Trust in your partners is needed for real market competitiveness. Disclosure and sharing of knowledge versus privacy and security are at the root of the dichotomy of interests in the drug discovery world – especially when one partner wants to make a new FDA approved drug, while another is working towards a ground-breaking publication in Nature.


Chris Lipinski posing a provocative question to the panelists

The CDD Vault platform has been drawing groups from both camps to its side, because it is the only platform to balance privacy and security of data with sharing and collaboration. CDD Vault guarantees privacy and security of intellectual property entrusted to it, even if we cannot affect trust between all participants. We also know one other powerful motivator of human behavior, and realize that ease of use matters greatly when it comes to, well, anything, and in our case to data processing and sharing. We hope that CDD Vault’s simple user-friendly interface for managing and sharing data makes the road to collaboration a little smoother, and a little faster.


From left to right: Barry Bunin, Jeff Neitz, Martin John Rogers, Jerry Ships, Sean Ekins, Dustin McMinn

It was great to celebrate with all of you at the wine-and-cheese reception and dinner that followed a long and exciting day. We hope to see you at the 20th year anniversary, and looking forward to that journey of transformation and collaboration together with our users and the drug discovery community.


Reception after a long and exciting day

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