First Annual CDD Community Meeting

March 5, 2007

1st community meeting logo

The meeting provided new perspectives on collaborative research, scientific community development and global health, with a focus on infectious diseases of the developing world.

We had 114 people register, 10 posters presented and many great speakers.

Presentation Videos and Slides (PDF)

  • Developing drugs for neglected parasitic diseases in an academic incubator
    James McKerrow, PhD,
    Sandler Center/QB3, UCSF
  • Mining Small Molecule Probes of Human Parasite Proteases from Libraries of Covalent Inhibitors
    Matt Bogyo, PhD,
    Stanford University Medical School
  • Charting the Past and Proposing the Future Course of Antimalarial Discovery in Chemical Space
    Anang Shelat, PhD,
    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Modeling and Determining the Structures of Proteins and Macromolecular Assemblies
    Andrej Sali, PhD
  • Academic drug discovery: the chemistry challenges of target choice and screening library selection
    Christopher Lipinski, PhD,
    Melior Discovery
  • Panel, Technical community roadmap for open collaborations and global health
    Barry Bunin, PhD,
    Collaborative Drug Discovery
    Intro slides

Thanks to our other speakers and panel members.

The Community Meeting Program is now available for download and presented posters abstracts are available online.

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