La faculté de médecine de l'université de l'Indiana choisit la chambre forte du CDD pour accélérer le développement de la thérapie pour la maladie d'Alzheimer

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Indianapolis, IN and Burlingame, CA —October 12, 2020— The Indiana University School of Medicine-Purdue TREAT-AD Center today announced that it has implemented the CDD Vault informatics platform to manage research data in the center’s Alzheimer’s disease drug development pipeline.

The TREAT-AD Center, funded by the US National Institutes of Health, is focused on developing high-quality research tools and technologies to validate and advance the next generation of drug targets for Alzheimer’s disease. CDD Vault, a hosted software developed by Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc. (CDD), provides a secure, central storage for all chemical and biological data generated by multiple teams and projects. In addition, the center will leverage CDD Vault’s integrated electronic lab notebook and API for the organization, analysis, and sharing of results within the group and with external partners.

“After reviewing several database solutions for managing the center’s drug discovery data, including open-source options and building our own, CDD Vault became the clear choice for its simplicity, effectiveness and overall costs,” said Timothy Richardson, PhD, senior research professor of medicine at IU School of Medicine and leader of the Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology Core for the TREAT-AD Center. “CDD Vault will play a key role in the IU School of Medicine-Purdue TREAT-AD Center’s comprehensive database management plan moving forward.”

“Alzheimer’s disease is a major healthcare challenge in today’s world,” said Barry Bunin, PhD, CEO of CDD, “We are excited that the TREAT-AD Center has chosen CDD Vault as their informatics infrastructure and look forward to supporting this important initiative.”

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À propos de Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc.

Le produit phare des CDD(, "CDD Vault®", est utilisé pour gérer l'enregistrement des produits chimiques, les relations structure-activité (SAR) et les collaborations à l'échelle sécurisée. CDD Vault® est une solution de base de données hébergée pour la gestion et le partage sécurisés des données biologiques et chimiques. Il vous permet d'organiser intuitivement les structures chimiques et les données d'études biologiques, et de collaborer avec des partenaires internes ou externes grâce à une interface web facile à utiliser. Les modules disponibles au sein de CDD Vault comprennent l'activité et l'enregistrement, la visualisation, l'inventaire et l'ELN.

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