TropIQ Health Sciences numérise sa plate-forme de découverte avec CDD Vault

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CDD Vault will enable TropIQ Health Sciences to share research results with partners in real time

Nijmegen and San Francisco — October 8, 2020 — TropIQ Health Sciences, a biotechnology social enterprise with a dual purpose to provide enabling technologies and expertise in drug discovery as well as to develop new drugs for the treatment of tropical, infectious, and neglected diseases announced today that it has implemented CDD Vault for managing its discovery programs. Developed by Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc., CDD Vault is an informatics software for managing and sharing chemistry and biological research data centrally in a secure way.

TropIQ’s unique laboratory technology platform includes facilities for semi-automated cell culture, a vector lab for entomological experiments, state-of-the-art signal detection equipment and a very experienced team of scientists that works closely with research teams around the world. Using CDD Vault, TropIQ will store, archive, and manage all data generated by their laboratory including screening results as well as chemical and biological entities. It will enable TropIQ to securely share data with external partners in real time.

In addition, TropIQ’s own research is focused on anti-microbial drug discovery to tackle infectious diseases such as malaria, dengue, Zika and tuberculosis. Research data from TropIQ is varied and complex because it includes information about insects, mechanism of action, in vitro screening and chemical substances. All this information is captured, tracked, and analyzed in the CDD Vault platform leading to faster, data-backed decisions.

“We have been impressed by the capabilities of the CDD Vault software to correlate chemical and biological data and the user-friendliness of its interface. It will help us accelerate the progress towards our ultimate goal: the elimination of tropical infectious diseases,” said Dr. Koen Dechering, CEO and co-founder of TropIQ Health Sciences.

“Since the inception of Collaborative Drug Discovery 16 years ago, we have been supporting companies, non-for-profit organizations, public-private ventures and academic research teams working in tropical and neglected diseases. We are proud to enable TropIQ and their collaborators around the world to process their very complex and diverse data,” said Dr. Barry Bunin, CEO and founder of CDD. “It is a privilege to support Koen and the whole TropIQ team in their quest to develop life-saving, neglected disease drugs.”

About TropIQ Health Sciences

TropIQ Health Sciences operates a technology platform for the discovery and development of molecules to combat infectious diseases. TropIQ combines world-class expertise on infectious diseases with state-of-the-art drug discovery technologies. Through this combination, TropIQ is uniquely positioned to accelerate the development of novel medicines, vaccines and vector control measures.

Koen Dechering, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, TropIQ Health Sciences
[email protected]
tel. +31-6-51483935

À propos de Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc.

Le produit phare des CDD(, "CDD Vault®", est utilisé pour gérer l'enregistrement des produits chimiques, les relations structure-activité (SAR) et les collaborations à l'échelle sécurisée. CDD Vault® est une solution de base de données hébergée pour la gestion et le partage sécurisés des données biologiques et chimiques. Il vous permet d'organiser intuitivement les structures chimiques et les données d'études biologiques, et de collaborer avec des partenaires internes ou externes grâce à une interface web facile à utiliser. Les modules disponibles au sein de CDD Vault comprennent l'activité et l'enregistrement, la visualisation, l'inventaire et l'ELN.

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