Genentech & UCSF Ponder Optimal Library Selection for Drug Discovery


Join us for CDD’s 2nd Town Hall Webinar, “Optimal Library Selection for Drug Discovery”


Researchers agree that selecting the best libraries for optimizing their drug discovery is a vital part of the process. Unfortunately, this is likely where most agreement ends. Even the idea that scientists should avoid so-called “Dark Chemical Matter” compounds seems controversial. We can agree that deciding which molecules should be included and excluded is wide open for debate.

This webinar will challenge our panelists as well as the audience to think hard about what should be included in an optimal small molecule library and to consider the mere existence of “universally desirable” molecules.

Over the years, Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc. (CDD) has highlighted many relevant topics in the world of library selection, including the PAINS filters, optimal libraries for High Throughput Screens (HTS) versus Structure Based Drug Discovery (SBDD), and Fragments Based Drug Discovery. Additionally, there are over 100 data sets available to the public in CDD Vault. These publicly-available libraries span from known drugs to molecular probes to vendor libraries and can assist scientists with library and singleton selection, all within a secure protected environment provided by CDD Vault.

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  • Thursday, May 26, 2016
  • 10:00 AM (US Pacific), 1:00 PM (US Eastern), 6:00 PM (GMT)



  • Michelle Arkin, Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Chemistry – Director, Biology, Small Molecule Discovery Center – University of California, San Francisco
  • Nick Skelton, Principal Scientist – Genentech


Join our distinguished panel of speakers as they deviate from the expected “PowerPoint presentation” style webinar to provide an engaging Town Hall experience.

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AsinexWe are fortunate to have this webinar sponsored courtesy of Mark Parisi from Asinex, which also has a number of public and private libraries available within CDD Vault.

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