Antibiotic Discovery Webinar - Getting Through the Discovery Wall

Hear how Dr. Lynn Silver and Dr. Johannes Zuegg (CO-ADD) are tackling the increasingly difficult task of finding new, effective antibiotics. Moderated by Joe Thomas, The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Antibiotic Drug Discovery is difficult for a number of reasons. Gram-negative bacteria have orthogonally permeable membranes and rapidly emergent resistance to drugs via direct mutations and horizontal gene transfer (HGT). Because of rapid emergence of resistance, it is strategic to stockpile last line antibiotics (while we have them). We would do better as a species to have a few extra antibiotics in our back pocket, in case they are needed. Our thinking is always evolving with new approaches, combinations, technologies, MOAs, and globally connected collaborations. Antibiotics are particularly interesting due to the unique market forces combing both commercial and humanitarian components.

Please join us for a provocative discussion with leading international players at the front-lines of antibiotic drug discovery: Dr. Lynn Silver (ex-Merck) and Dr. Johannes Zuegg (CO-ADD in Australia). We will also engage the broader scientific community via the recently announced SPARK project.

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  • Wednesday, September 20th, 2017
  • 19:00 (GMT), 15:00 (US Eastern), 12:00 (US Pacific)


Join our distinguished panel of speakers as they deviate from the expected “PowerPoint presentation” style webinar to provide an engaging Town Hall experience.

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