CDD Awarded Phase 1 SBIR Grant on Cloud Workspaces for Drug Discovery


CDD's proposed Cloud Workspaces for Drug Discovery will facilitate drug discovery and database integration across multiple systems and vendors

Burlingame, California — August 27, 2019 — Collaborative Drug Discovery, provider of the CDD Vault web-based drug discovery informatics platform, announced they won a competitive, peer-reviewed Phase 1 SBIR grant from NIH NCATS on Cloud Workspaces for Drug Discovery, titled: “A Robust, Secure Framework to Effortlessly Bind Distributed Databases and Analysis Tools into Tightly Integrated Translational Drug Discovery Computational Platforms”.

Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc. (CDD) proposes to develop Cloud Workspaces for Drug Discovery – a novel informatics framework that will enable scientists engaged in drug discovery and translation to effortlessly, robustly, and securely integrate disparate databases and computational tools distributed across multiple systems and vendors into highly-efficient, custom-tailored computational platforms. Our innovative technology will solve a critical problem that hinders drug discovery and translation efforts: scientists in this field typically need to combine chemical and biological data from several sources, run them through multiple software packages that specialize in different types of analyses and visualization, then ideally store the results of the analyses together with their underlying experimental data. Today, this type of integration is difficult and expensive to accomplish and typically fragile, creating a large barrier to (i) exploiting the rapidly increasing number of high-quality, public-access data repositories and (ii) evaluating promising new analytical tools and strategies.

Cloud Workspaces (CW) will, in essence, allow users to easily create their own individualized cloud-hosted solutions tailored to their unique requirements and workflows. Our approach offers the performance, robustness, and ease of use of a monolithic software solution, but without the associated inflexibility and vendor lock-in. It offers the flexibility and openness of combining discrete resources, but without the associated integration challenges and fragility, and it advances the pipelining approach to embrace cloud-based models and to encompass distributed data resources without compromising performance or security.

CW will enable scientists to exploit the burgeoning array of public data repositories and sophisticated new computational algorithms and apply them in practice to drug discovery and translation projects. By eliminating the challenges of installing, configuring, and maintaining software, CW will allow scientists to quickly explore and adapt new methodologies. Conversely, the technology will support new marketing channels and business models for software vendors, enabling faster and broader adoption of advanced techniques. We have already lined up several prominent software providers that wish to participate.

About this Grant

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) is part of a program to enable sharing of biological data. Award Number #1R43TR002527-01 from National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences as described on NIH Reporter supports this project.  This content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences or the National Institutes of Health.


CDD( の主力製品である「CDD Vault®」は、化学物質の登録、構造活性関係(SAR)の管理、および安全なスケールの共同研究に使用されます。CDD Vault®は、生物学的および化学的データの安全な管理と共有のためのホスト型データベースソリューションです。それはあなたが直感的に化学構造と生物学的研究データを整理し、使いやすいWebインタフェースを介して内部または外部のパートナーとのコラボレーションを行うことができます。CDD Vault内で利用可能なモジュールは、アクティビティ&登録、可視化、インベントリ、およびELNが含まれています。

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