CDD at the Keystone TB Symposia, Jan 15-20

Dr. Sean Ekins of CDD will be at the Keystone Symposia on Tuberculosis at the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver, BC.

Dr. Ekins will be presenting two posters:

Poster 150
“Collaborative Drug Discovery: A platform for transforming Tuberculosis R&D and beyond.”
Sean Ekins, Krishna Dole, Anna Spektor, Kellan Gregory, David Blondeau, Sylvia Ernst, Moses M. Hohman, and Barry A. Bunin
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Poster 210
“Essential Metabolites of M. tuberculosis and their Molecular Mimics.”
Gyanu Lamichhane, Joel S. Freundlich, Sean Ekins, Niluka Wickramaratne, Scott Nolan, William R. Bishai
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If you are attending the Keystone Symposia, please drop by the posters or contact us to set up a time outside of the poster session to meet.

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