CDD Vault Snack #3 – ELN’s Spicy Stoic Sauce

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vȯlt snak; noun: A fact, tip, or trick offered by the CDD Support Team to aid in your successful use of CDD Vault for managing, analyzing, and presenting chemical structures, biological assay and ELN data.

August 4, 2019

ELN Reactions with Interactive Stoichiometry Tables

CDD customers are heating up their summers by applying ample dashes of spicy stoic sauce (otherwise known as the ELN Reaction Stoichiometry Table) into their ELN entries. 

When creating or editing an ELN entry, you can insert and link to a variety of data. If you are working with chemical reactions, you can use the Marvin Structure Editor (  insertMoleculeIcon CDD Vault Snack #3 - ELN's Spicy Stoic Sauce  )  to import/draw your reaction. Once inserted into the ELN entry, an interactive stoichiometry table is automatically generated.

CDD ELN stoichiometry table is fully editable and interactive

The stoichiometry table is fully editable and interactive, allowing users to enter mass, mole, volume, reagent, solvent, concentration, density, comment, and other values as needed. Calculations, such as yield and expected mass, are updated in real-time.

As icing on this cake, the stoichiometry table automatically cross-references to any registered CDD molecules which are always prominently displayed within the table. (Oh, and if any of the reaction’s structures are not already registered in your CDD Vault, you can easily register them directly from within the reaction stoichiometry table.)

To watch a demonstration of the ELN stoichiometry table in action, please visit this webpage.

As always, be sure to contact CDD Support — we are always available to help YOU be more successful with CDD Vault!