CDD Vault Update: Do more with your files

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September 27, 2013

Bulk file import

Last week we debuted files-as-readouts: the ability to attach a file to any experimental result, and view a preview of the file’s contents throughout your CDD Vault. But what if you have 10,000 files you’d like to store?

Here’s how: multiple files can now be attached during a single import by uploading a compressed file (ZIP format) containing all the file attachments, along with the data import file.

In order to associate the correct attached file to the correct molecule and batch, the data import file needs to include an additional column or field containing the attached file names.


Don’t worry if the files are inside a subdirectory, or if you leave off the extensions: CDD Vault will look up the file by name alone, as long as it is not ambiguous.

Upload the compressed file and map the data import file as usual. The attached file names will be mapped to the “file” readout of the protocol.


When the import is completed, the attached file previews and download links will be displayed on the readout rows.

Paper clips

In addition to the readout row attachments, CDD Vault allows you to attach files to molecules, protocols, runs, and plates. To make such attachments more discoverable on the Search page, we now include a paper clip next to any object that has attachments.


Look for the small paper clip icons in your search results table, and click on them to view the attached files.