Life Science Collaboration & Virtualization talk at the PRISME Forum Meeting & Special Interest Group – Oct 17-21, 2011

September 27, 2011

Sean Ekins will present a talk at the PRISME Forum Meeting & Special Interest Group, scheduled to take place on Oct 17-Oct 21, 20011 at Biogen Idec, Cambridge, MA. Sean will give a forward looking perspective of the changing landscape of Life Science Collaboration & Virtualization.

Biomedical research has become increasingly driven by creating and consuming tremendous volumes of complex data. At the same time the pharmaceutical industry is utilizing an extended network of partner organizations of various sorts (CRO’s, not-for-profit organizations, clinicians and academics) in order to discover and develop new drugs. Current areas of interest for delivering new technologies or molecules to the industry are Open Innovation, Collaborative Innovation and of course, Open Source. Due to the mounting costs, collaborative research and development is undoubtedly the future of biomedical research.

Contact the forum organizers to learn more.

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