Michael Siani-Rose Brings Diverse Talents to CDD

Mr. Michael Siani-Rose brings his successful track record at Affymetrix, Chiron, Kosan, and Gryphon to CDD.


Michael Siani-Rose (CDD Informatics) was most recently President of Cell Therapy Company Theregen.   Of particular relevance for CDD, with the emergence of Antibody Drug Conjugates and informatics standards such as HELM from big pharmas, Michael Siani-Rose co-published with SMILES pioneer Dave Weininger from Daylight on the extension of SMILES and SMIRKS to Chuckles (Siani et al. JCICs 1994) and Chortles (Siani et al. JCICS 1995) while at Chiron.  In addition to his experience with chemoinformatics at Chiron, Michael at Affymetrix was the Manager of Gene Characterization, responsible for whole genome annotations in NetAffx GeneChip annotation product (www.netaffx.com) for Affymetrix microarray products.   Michael also has experience at Kosan Biosciences and Gryphon Therapeutics.  Michael’s broad experience is an invaluable resource for productive collaborations with biologists and chemists, computational and experimental scientists, technologists and business executives.

“We used to have to seek the best talent, now the best talent is coming to CDD,” repeated CEO Dr. Barry A. Bunin.


Siani MA, Weininger D, Blaney JM. “CHUCKLES: a method for representing and searching peptide and peptoid sequences on both monomer and atomic levels.” J Chem Inf Comput Sci. 1994 34(3):588-93

Siani MA, Weininger D, James CA, Blaney JM. “CHORTLES: a method for representing oligomeric and template-based mixtures.” J Chem Inf Comput Sci. 1995 35(6):1026-33.

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